We are not going to write anything about Italian fascists and trains at the right time here, but you are welcome to think yourselves.

One of the biggest dreams of humanity is to have robotic assistants who can do absolutely everything for us that we would rather not have to do on our own. Take for example, the automatic sandwich machine. Is it faster than the traditional method? No! Does the sandwich he produces look very good? Not really! But, due to the fact that this is a thoughtless robot that produces food for us without much outside help, it is a project that catches the imagination anyway.

It is in this great tradition of devoted laziness that we present to you “The pizza-making machine” a device driven by a toy train manufactured by Joseph’s machines to create a pizza in the most laborious but hands-free way possible.

After starting the machine by pressing the first piece of tomato sauce onto a circle of dough, the pizza maker does the rest of the way on its own. The wood block spins evenly with the movement of a little train spinning around it and, meanwhile, the sauce bottle swings overhead, distributing the right volume before a comb comes down to even it out. and a rotating cheese sieve continues the work.

Each part of the Rube Goldberg machine plays its part as the video continues. A toy ballerina moves a platform so that pieces of pepperoni fall on the pie. The train catches a ball that sets a large wheel in motion so that it can drop olives. Once it’s over, Joseph bakes the pizza and then uses a variant of the train-driven machine to smack slices of pizza in his face.

Unfortunately we can’t see this train-driven pizza chef break through at the Italian market, whatever the novelty of the concept. But, considering what other robots are used for elsewhere in the world, we’re hoping this pizza-dispensing contraption achieves its own level of success anyway.

[via Boing Boing]

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