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Baton Rouge Business Owner and Best Friend Donate Huge Christmas Toys to St. George Fire and St. Vincent de Paul

The following information is from the St. George Fire Department:

A treasure trove of toys was donated to the St. George Fire Department’s annual Christmas toy drive to benefit the local Society of St. Vincent de Paul.

The toys, which were bought quietly over the course of the year, nearly filled a box truck. They will definitely be part of Saint-Vincent-de-Paul’s annual Christmas toy giveaway.

The Executive Director of the Local Society of Saint Vincent de Paul, Michael Acaldo, was on hand for the event and expressed his gratitude to St. George Fire and in particular to the inspiring ladies who led the effort: Laurann Neucere ( owner of Louisiana Gold and Coins) and her best friend Kristen Miley with Nina Wages and Rachel Sharpe. He congratulated the ladies for the depth of their concern for the community, their generosity and their desire to bring joy and hope to underprivileged children. Mr Acaldo also highlighted how much these toys will be valued due to the supply chain and economic issues indicating a potential toy shortage this Christmas season.

Ms. Neucere and Ms. Miley have been friends since grade 6. Everyone commented that they had been blessed not to have experienced poverty in their childhood and had always learned to “give back”.

Toy donation to St. George Fire and St. Vincent de Paul(Saint-Georges fire)

Following Ms Miley’s successful double lung transplant in 2019 and her one-year recovery, they found a way to give back to the community through a toy drive.

St. George Fire’s PIO, Eldon Ledoux, was also in attendance. -start. He also praised the dedication shown by the ladies’ group and expressed his pride that the project was carried out by members of the St. George family. Ms. Neucere’s husband, Michael, is the technology officer for the St. Fire Department.

The St. George Fire Department Santa Claus Parades will take place the first two weekends in December. Non-perishable food and new unwrapped toys will be collected to benefit Saint-Vincent-de-Paul when Santa Claus visits the neighborhoods atop a Saint-Georges fire truck.

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