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Wisdom Panel Breed Discovery

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Screens for 350+ breeds
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Genetic health tests
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World-leading insights

Dogs can’t talk, but their DNA can.™


Stay on top of health risks. Wisdom Panel™ Premium offers 206 health tests that reveal possible medication side effects, notable eating behaviors, adult-onset vision and mobility problems, and more. You’ll also get tips on what to do and how to talk with your veterinarian. Arm yourself with the best information to proactively plan for and manage your dog’s health for every stage of life.

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Carrier Status Consider breeding your dog? Find out if they carry genetic factors that could affect the health of their future puppies.

Back view of man with two puppies


Coat Colour, Type, and Body Features Your pup is one-of-a-kind. But you already knew that. Learn why they look the way they do, from coat colour and length to body shape and size.

Dog DNA test traits results


Ideal Weight Range When it comes to weight, "healthy" looks different for every dog—even those within the same breed. Fortunately, your dog’s DNA holds clues to their ideal weight, allowing you to plan for nutrition and activity appropriately.

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Medical Complications In some dogs, certain genetic mutations make common medications and procedures dangerous. Wisdom Panel screens for 25+ conditions that may cause problems during routine procedures, such as spaying and neutering. (We’re also the only licensed commercial provider of the MDR1 drug-sensitivity test.) So, you can have peace of mind and plan your pup’s care accordingly.

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[New!] Relatives [Beta]

Find your pup’s extended pack. We’ve tested more than 3 million dogs. And there’s a good chance your pup’s littermates, parents, and other relatives are among them. When we decode your dog’s DNA, we’ll automatically search for their genetic family so you can compare DNA results, view photos, and more.

Dog DNA test relatives results

Dog ancestry

Get the most accurate breakdown of your dog’s breeds. Looks can be deceiving. Even trained experts get breed identification wrong about 75% of the time when judging by visual cues alone. That’s why we go beyond appearances and screen for the genetic markers of 350+ breeds. How? We’ve built the world’s biggest breed reference database and most advanced dog breed detection system—which is over 98% accurate.* Together, these allow us to report your pup’s breed mix down to 1% so you can tailor care to their unique personality.

Dog DNA test bread breakdown


Family Tree Get to know your four-legged family even better. Our patented algorithm can map your dog’s "wolf pack" back to their great-grandparents.

Dog DNA test family tree


See a visual map of all 78 chromosomes. So, you just learned your 15-pound shelter pup is somehow 2% Newfoundland. Use our new chromosome browser to see exactly where every breed in their mix shows up in their DNA. This map visually displays the breed info found in every single one of their chromosomes, so you have no question about how their breed mix came to be.

Chromosome browser DNA results

*Based on controlled tests of known purebred dog samples

Why pet parents love us

Over 3 million pet parents have trusted Wisdom Panel™ insights to help them make decisions about the health and wellness of their four-legged family members.