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Sweet black and brown Bernese Mountain Dog and orange and white cat
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The most accurate breed reporting with 350+ breeds.


Find your dog's family, powered by the world's largest breed database.


Most used by veterinarians with up to 210 health tests.


Discover the "why" behind your pet's physical features.

Our science is changing pet parenting for good.

With over 3 million pets tested, we’ve created the largest pet health database, which empowers us to make discoveries that help all pets (including yours).

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American Curl

American Curl

American Curls are people-oriented cats that want to be involved in every aspect of family life. Whether you’re watching a movie, making dinner, or taking a shower, Curls will be by your side—just in case you need their help.


5–10 lb




12–16 yr

Breed Group


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What to expect

Discover a new standard of care.

Breed insights Breed mix affects everything from temperament to activity needs. Our tests give you the most accurate breed reporting and detection, so you can truly understand all the details hiding in your dog’s DNA.

Relatives Curious about your dog’s siblings, parents, and other (non-human) family? Now, you can meet and learn from your pup’s relatives. (Fun fact: 99.9% of the dogs tested have a match).

Health With data from 3 million + pets, our tests can detect genetic disorders and health risks in individual pets. So you (and your vet) can help your pet lead the healthiest, happiest life.

Traits Get the story behind every trait, from fur type to eye color, with a deep dive into how your pet’s genetics influence their physical characteristics (in other words: why they’re so cute).

Why pet parents love us

See how Wisdom Panel™ is empowering people to be the best pet parents.

We’ve spent the past 20+ years devoted to DNA.  Our team of scientists and vets have spent decades developing the most accurate pet DNA test. Because every pet deserves to have their whole story told. We’ve collaborated with leading academic institutions, innovative research labs, and Banfield Pet Hospital™ to make our process exceptionally precise, fast, and affordable.

A hand holding a DNA test sample.

We believe better understanding begins with breed. That’s why we’ve spent more than a decade working with top breeders, veterinarians, and geneticists to create the comprehensive breed library that powers our industry-leading detection system. Use this free resource to understand what makes them so unique—and what kind of special care they require.

Profile portrait of a golden retriever sticking out tongue.

*Based on controlled tests of known purebred dog samples