Hasbro has announced that Mr. Potato Head, the beloved toy story-with spud, will be replaced with a gender neutral potato head this year.

The Associated Press reports that the name change will be reflected on boxes later this year, becoming the latest toy to get an image update. Other companies have made similar changes to reflect the modern times of the past, such as Mattel’s Barbie, which shed its skinny blonde image and increased the diversity of skin tones. The change will only impact the toy, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head living with the toy story movies among other forms.

“Your principal, spud, MR. POTATO HEAD is not going where,” Hasbro clarified in a tweet. ‘ I am proud to confirm that MR. MRS. POTATO HEAD is going nowhere and will remain MR. & MRS. POTATO HEAD. Again, this is a brand name change, not a change to Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head characters.

Potato Head will allow children to model a family that represents their own. By removing the “M.” the name of the products, the toy insider Editor Ali Mierzejewski said the move could encourage other companies not to assign gender to toys, which are otherwise inanimate objects. “He sets this new standard,” he added. The change was welcomed by many, but right-wingers incapable of critical thinking (including Piers Morgan) struggle to grasp the idea of ​​a toy not being labeled as a man.

LGBTQ advocacy group GLAAD welcomed the name change. “Hasbro helps kids see toys simply as toys, which encourages them to be authentic outside of the pressures of traditional gender norms,” ​​said Rich Ferraro, director of communications. The toy first hit store shelves in 1952, but it wasn’t until later that it included a plastic potato, as it was originally just a set. of parts to use on real potatoes.

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