It’s been over two years since the Nintendo Switch lite was first released in the UK. If you had told us then, in 2019, that people would still be struggling to buy the device in 2022, you’d think you just slipped on a banana peel and got gobbled up by Petey Piranha.

But alas, here we are. While most of the attention has been focused on the new next-gen PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles from Sony and Microsoft, the older, cheaper, handheld-only Nintendo Switch lite console is itself suffering from a loss. severe supply problems.

On December 27, Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa told a Japanese newspaper that the global semiconductor supply shortage could cause Nintendo Switch availability to stagnate after the start of 2022. In November, it was revealed that Nintendo had lowered its Switch production forecast by 25.5 million units to 24 million units. The inventory situation has become so dire that it has led to scammers rushing to despair customers, with Nintendo being forced to issue warnings to buyers on fraudulent websites claiming to sell the Switch console at a discount.

Oddly enough, the shiny new Nintendo Switch OLED console has apparently recovered from the supply crunch experienced in October and November and is available to buy almost everywhere right now. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the Nintendo Switch lite.

Looking for Nintendo’s dedicated handheld console? We track stock in all color variants from all major retailers. We’ve also put together a round-up of all the best Nintendo Switch deals available right now, though you’ll be hard pressed to find any discounts on the Switch lite itself.

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Where to buy Nintendo Switch lite in the UK:

  • Amazon: In stock now – coral and yellow only
  • Nintendo Store: Sold out
  • Very: Out of stock – all colors
  • Argos: In stock now for click and collect at a handful of stores – coral, yellow, gray and turquoise only
  • Game: In stock now – blue and coral only, yellow, gray and turquoise available in sets
  • Smyths Toys: Out of stock – all colors
  • curries: Out of stock – all colors
  • ShopTo: In stock now – gray and coral only, with turquoise available as a set
  • AO: Out of stock – all colors
  • Asda: In stock now – coral, yellow, gray and turquoise only
  • just games: Out of stock – all colors
  • Studio: Out of stock – all colors
  • BT Shop: Available upon request – yellow only

Everything you need to know about stock Nintendo Switch Lite

The Nintendo Switch lite is the cheapest of all the Nintendo Switch variants and was released in November 2019. It usually costs £199.99.

The handheld-only Switch console appears to be the device that has been hit the hardest by the global chip shortage, with the OG Nintendo Switch (£259.99, readily available and the higher-end Nintendo Switch OLED (£309.99,, released in October 2021, also in stock at multiple retailers right now.

That said, there are a handful of retailers that have had success getting the Switch lite in the UK, including Amazon and Game. Blue seems to be the most popular color variant and is harder to find in stock than, for example, yellow or coral. We’ve left out all consoles priced above £200 as they’re usually second-hand.


Amazon currently only has the yellow Nintendo Switch lite consoles in stock, which can be had for £199. Other colorways are sold at inflated prices by third-party sellers.


Argos has a very limited number of Nintendo Switch lite consoles in stock and they can only be purchased by click and collect from a handful of stores including Holyhead and Coatbridge. The only color variant currently out of stock is the blue Switch lite.


Game is one of the few retailers to have the blue Switch lite in stock. The retailer only sells the coral and blue color variants alone. If you want the yellow, teal, or gray Nintendo Switch consoles, you’ll need to purchase them as part of a bundle, which can significantly increase the price.

  • Blue Nintendo Switch Lite: £199.99,
  • Coral Nintendo Switch Lite: £199.99,
  • Nintendo Switch lite gray pack: From £229.99,
  • Turquoise Nintendo Switch Lite Bundle: From £229.99,
  • Nintendo Switch lite yellow pack: From £229.99,


game specialist ShopTo only has two color variants in stock at the moment – gray and coral. It also sells the turquoise Switch lite console as part of a bundle with animal crossing and a three-month Nintendo Switch Online subscription (£248.85,

  • Nintendo Switch lite grey: £199.85,
  • Nintendo Switch lite yellow: £199.85,
  • Turquoise Nintendo Switch Lite Bundle: £248.85,


The supermarket giant currently has four of the color variants in stock, but does not have the blue Switch lite in stock.

  • Coral Nintendo Switch Lite: £199,
  • Nintendo Switch lite grey: £199,
  • Nintendo Switch Lite Turquoise: £199,
  • Nintendo Switch lite yellow: £199,

Discount Codes

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