BEAUMONT, Texas — The Texas General Land Office held a groundbreaking ceremony Wednesday to celebrate the opening of a new affordable housing complex in Beaumont.

The Delta Manor apartments are one of many projects built to replace affordable rental housing damaged or destroyed by Harvey.

Delta Manor is just one of 82 projects across 48 counties funded through GLO’s Affordable Rental Program. The rental program will restore approximately 6,000 affordable rental units lost to Harvey.

“So we’re very involved in this area and it’s so exciting every time we come here and welcome home,” said Brittany Eck of the General Land Office.

After rental properties were damaged or destroyed by Harvey in 2017, $588 million in federal HUD disaster recovery funds are being used to rebuild affordable rental housing

“Our first priority was to help those that were damaged get repaired so that we could move those people out there as quickly as possible,” Eck said.

Through its Affordable Rental Program, the GLO has allocated over $20 million of this fund to build the Delta Mansion Apartments near Parkdale Mall.

“And with the remaining funds, we were able to do new projects like this to increase the available rental stock of apartments in this area,” Eck said.

Delta Manor is a brand new 160 unit multi-family community with 82 units guaranteed for low to moderate income residents.

“With this HUD fund, there’s this stipulation that at least 50% of the units be dedicated specifically to those who meet the low-to-moderate income threshold,” Eck said.

And low-to-moderate income residents who live in the apartments will have guaranteed housing for at least 20 years after completion.

“But it ensures that these people, these workers, have decent, safe, healthy and frankly incredibly beautiful places to live here in the region,” Eck said.

Delta Manor Apartments are accepting applications which you can find on their website or pick one up at their main office.

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