Daniella Pierson, who founded The Newsette, a daily newsletter for women, reached out to interview Selena Gomez and her mother, Mandy Teefey in 2020 about mental health. After the conversation, they all felt a call to use their stories and build something together to help millions of people. “We did a lot of interviews together, and [Pierson’s] the questions were so thoughtful and insightful,” Teefey told Complex. “When we finished talking, Selena immediately said, ‘I don’t know why, but I feel so much closer to you. to tell them about his diagnosis of OCD, which only those around him were aware of. This connection and safe space is what they hope to offer others with Wondermind.

Gomez, Teefey and Pierson have teamed up to launch Wondermind, a new company they announced in November that aims to help people talk about mental health. The three women have all dealt with their own diagnoses and struggle with mental disorders they didn’t know how to handle at first. Now that they have a better understanding of themselves, they are launching a multimedia digital platform to help people cope with their mental health problems. The trio’s platform will provide free resources, tools and exercises to help people improve their mental fitness. The first drop is a newsletter that will be sent to subscribers’ inboxes three times a week for free.

During an interview with Complex, Teefey and Pierson shared that building this community is their passion. The same goes for Gomez who previously said her goal with Wondermind was to make family planning for mental health accessible to everyone. “It really sparked this flash, at least for me, of how can we democratize and de-stigmatize mental health and mental fitness for everyone? Not just the lucky few who can pay for therapy,” says Pierson. “It’s very expensive. There are a lot of barriers to entry for people to even get into the mental health space.