When the Villas Countryside Apartments workers learned they had new owners, they weren’t sure what to expect, but they got more work, in a good way.

“One of the main things that I found amazing was that they give us funds to give back to the community,” said Beth Lane, the apartment complex’s assistant community manager.

Parent company Weidner took over the apartment complex in December and one of the requirements of its employees is service projects.

“We try to build community one person at a time, that’s our company motto,” said Erin Anthony, the apartment complex’s leasing consultant.

For their first service project, the employees chose Pets and People Humane Society.

“Because we love animals. We are all big animal lovers here. We all have our own dogs or cats and have always been passionate about them and cared for them,” Lane said.

Pets and People provided a list of needs, and the apartment workers were given a $500 budget to meet the needs.

“From cat food, they needed a ton of cleaning products, Clorox wipes, window cleaner, etc. Tons of chew toys and little stuffed animals,” Lane said.

There was excitement as the two groups came together.

“Oh, nothing but smiles, nothing but smiles, they were super excited to see us, we were even more excited to see them, and then when they started giving us puppies, we were like, phew,” said Anthony said.

“It was so much fun, we got to pet all kinds of cats and these tiny little puppies, there were nine of them,” Lane said.

Leaving with more love than delivered.

“They were so grateful, we felt it in our hearts,” Lane said.

The workers are already planning their service project for next month.