With each passing day, the number of people testing positive for COVID-19 increases. After the second killer wave, everyone is afraid of the third wave and wants to be ready to face it. As Omicron cases increased in Delhi, a yellow alert was announced recently. Now, the latest reports suggest that the government has decided to convert the Yamuna sports complex into a Covid-19 care center dedicated to mother and child. The Shahdara District Administration and Doctors For You organization will take care of the Covid health center.

Several photos of this special COVID-19 room have come out and you can see the arrangements made. From appropriate beds, oxygen concentrators to a dedicated children’s play area with toys, many arrangements have been made. Speaking to ANI, Rajat Jain, president of Doctors for You, said: “The Yamuna sports complex has been transformed into a mother-child health center. We have set up a pediatric playground here for children infected with Covid-19. “.


covid district 2

covid district 3

There would be a total of 100 beds operational at present with 50 double beds and 50 single beds. It has also been reported that four 500-500 LPM oxygen factories are located at the center of the Yamuna Sports Complex, which can produce up to 2,000 LPM of oxygen. Thus, oxygen can be delivered to 300 beds. In addition to this, there are cylinders and concentrators. It is said that thanks to this oxygen plant, up to 400 patients can be taken care of in an emergency.

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