BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – Demolition work could soon begin at Southtown Court Apartments, a Birmingham residential complex in the heart of the city.

A fence has been erected around much of the property and old appliances are being removed from the now vacant accommodation to prepare for the works.

“You can see a lot of bricks falling in the next few months for sure,” said David Northern, CEO of the Housing Authority of the Birmingham District (HABD).

Plans have been put in place to tear down the aging facility which has also faced shootings and other violent crime. A new mixed-use development will be built on the property in phases over the next few years.

Most Southtown residents have already been relocated to other properties and may request to return once the work is complete.

“A lot of people are seeing the fences going up and we are now ready for the demo. We had a lot of issues with pointing the I’s and crossing the T’s to make sure we fully prepared the property in the process of going from there. ahead and it’s exciting that it’s coming together,” said Northern.

City leaders said the complex will provide more services to residents, similar to other major southern cities.

“The new social housing communities are more mixed, more integrated into the community where there are actually services and opportunities built into these developments,” said Birmingham City Councilor Darrell O’Quinn, who represents the area. .

Although O’Quinn said there could be some downsides during construction, he expects the positives to outweigh the negatives. The new project is expected to create jobs and other benefits for returning residents and future residents.

“Offices, maybe even labs, potentially a hotel, other retail, retailers, restaurants, improved transit stops,” O’Quinn said.

Other HABD properties may also see future enhancements. Northern said the council planned to seek additional developers in hopes of improving the quality of life in the city’s complexes.

“In Southtown we have moved many clients with the voucher program where they have been able to rent with landlords, but we want to work with other development partners to create new homes so our clients can move into new homes. now. while we work on some of the older properties we have in our inventory,” Northern said.

Asked about the timing of the demolition, Northern said some of the plans were still in the works.

“Our goal and our hopes are to get demolition started before the end of the year or 2022,” Northern said.

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