Happy Kirby and Forgotten Land launch day! It took a long time for Kirby to really get the AAA 3D ​​processing on Nintendo hardware, but the wait is finally over. Forgotten Land does all of this and more with positive reviews of the pink hero’s latest adventure hitting all over the net. You can still mark a copy of the game for sale through Amazon, not to mention the FREE demo if you’re still on the fence. Or you can go full price with a few extra goodies at Walmart and GameStop. We’re also seeing some of the regularly hard-to-get Kirby amiibo collectibles in stock (which also work in Forgotten Land) and have rounded up some of the best and cutest collectibles to celebrate the latest Kirby. Head below for a closer look and a bite of adorable Kirby trinkets.

Official Kirby Amiibo

Let’s start with the official Kirby amiibo. These adorable collectibles are a great way to celebrate Kirby’s launch day, but they also work in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. While not too groundbreaking or exciting, they will provide fun bonuses to the base experience and are now in stock without paying for some of the bloated listings we’ve seen recently. Here’s how to access it:

Right after starting the game, just press the “+” button and select amiibo from the menu that appears. Then just tap the Kirby amiibo against your Switch’s NFC trigger and you’re good to go.

Here are some other favorite Kirby collectibles and plushies to bring home with Forgotten Land:

  • Club Mocchi Mocchi Kirby Junior $17
  • Club Mocchi Mocchi Kirby and his friend Heart$15
  • Club Mocchi Mocchi Waddle Dee Junior $14.50 (reg. $17)
  • Club Mocchi Mocchi Sleeping Kirby Junior $16
  • Otamatone “Deluxe” Kirby Edition $84 (reg. $89)
  • Kirby: Art & Style Collection Hardcover Book $20 (reg. $22+)
  • Kirby coloring book $8

And remember, 2022 marks Kirby’s 30th birthday, so be sure to dive into our coverage here as Nintendo gears up for what is hopefully an exciting round of party gear and maybe even some sort of Switch Online game release like with the 35th Mario Jubilee.

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