Christmas is here, and it’s time to celebrate our loved ones. What kind of friend are Pisces?

This is one of the reasons they are so popular and easy going.

However, be aware that despite the willingness of Pisces to listen to the problems of others, they are much less transparent about their own life.

Bordering on “cagey” you may think you have a great friendship with Pisces – “until you examine what you actually know about them”.

The difficulty in being friends with Pisces is that even if your walls are knocked down, theirs remain impenetrable.

DO NOT MISS said, “Sometimes they may never reveal who they really are.”

Pisces have high standards and expect the best, so they will not tolerate substandard behavior.

Although they are loyal to their friends, their “ultimate loyalty is to themselves.”

Granted, this can be “infuriating” as Pisces will rarely put themselves forward for others.

“For example, a Pisces won’t play nicely and go to a restaurant for another friend’s birthday dinner if they hate that restaurant or feel like they’ve been wronged.”

A positive side to this is that Pisces friends will always know where they stand as this water sign is the poster for authenticity.

They will always “be what they are” in a dynamic of friendship, so you never have to worry about them being untrue or sincere.

Pisces value long-standing relationships and will do their best to maintain their childhood friendships, even if they are long distance away.

Overall, “Pisces are loved, well-cultivated, and bring a unique perspective to every interaction.”

If you are friends with Pisces, try meeting them individually rather than in large groups, as they sometimes leave Pisces “exhausted”.

Pisces readers, keep an eye out for Cancer because this is your best friendship match.

Both extremely “intense”, they maintain between them a “quasi psychic bond”.

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