Nigerian-born Canadian R&B artist Nonso Amadi took a break from music in 2019 after dropping his EP Free, unaware that a global pandemic was about to extend his hiatus. Now he’s making a strong and triumphant comeback with his Afro-R&B track “Foreigner,” his first release since leaving.

Amadi explains that the process of creating the track was to create something that spoke about his riotous love songmaking habits while simultaneously announcing his comeback. He reveals that he was “driven by the idea of ​​making a song that addresses both my disappearance from the music scene and the typical love drama that my R&B is usually drawn to creating”.

Image via TSE

“The way I achieved that was to make the song feel like it had emphatic highs and lows,” he told Complex Canada. “It starts heavy with the drums and vocals but then it breathes a bit in the verses; allowing me to quietly sing along to the topics I mentioned earlier before returning to a heavily drummed chorus.

The mix of crisp drums and jazzy horns showcases Amadi’s soulful vocals. He plays with the idea of ​​being in love with a foreigner, nodding to his Nigerian roots while maintaining a soundscape that fuses R&B with bouncy tropical textures.

“I felt like I needed such a pronounced yet groovy comeback on stage to express all of the pent up feelings I’ve been holding back while keeping it light and easily palatable to listeners,” says- he about his dancing foray into 2022.