<p>Looking for the elusive Sony console?  </p>
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Looking for the elusive Sony console?

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Update July 8: The PS5 is currently in stock at curries, BT Shop, EE and To analyseafter selling to Smyths Toys. PS5 could restock at Game soon. Read on for more information.

Since its launch in 2020, the PlayStation 5 has been very difficult to obtain. Supply chain issues resulting from the global pandemic have all but halted production of Sony’s latest games console.

Fortunately, things have improved in recent months. The PS5 was pretty much in stock throughout May and June, with Game and the BT shop, as well as several independent retailers like The game collection lead the charge. We expect this flurry of console restocks to continue throughout the summer. With Amazon Prime Day on the horizon, we’re also paying close attention to the tech giant’s website this week.

Although restocks are becoming more regular, buying a console on its own is still more difficult than picking up a bundle, with standalone consoles selling out in the blink of an eye, while digital consoles (bundles included) have been non-existent. But we’re here to help, whether you’re looking for a bundle or the standalone PS5 Disc and PS5 Digital Edition consoles.

Are you still looking for the elusive PlayStation 5? Our aim is to guarantee you a next-gen machine, as well as provide you with details on the best games and accessories to grab with your new console, as well as the latest game reviews.

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Check PS5 UK retailer stock below:

Check US PS5 retailer stock below:


fans of the skate the series have been eagerly waiting for the next episode since the last entry, Skate 3launched in 2010. And good news, a first version is available for testing.

In a new trailer, showcasing the upcoming game (stylized as “skate.“), Electronic Arts warned fans that the game is in “pre-pre-pre-alpha”, meaning it’s still early before the game’s full release.

Entitled “still working on it“, the trailer invites fans to sign up for playtests to experience the as-yet-untitled game skate game for comments and suggestions.

If you want to know how to sign up for playtesting, read our article below:


When might Game restock the PS5?

Cor, it’s been a while since we’ve seen each other Game restock PS5. The retailer last restocked the console on June 21, but since then we haven’t even seen a glimpse of it.

That’s pretty odd, considering the retailer had the console available for purchase throughout May and most of April and June. We expect more consoles to release early next week, so keep your eyes peeled.


This isn’t turning into a Nintendo Switch liveblog, we promise, but there’s so much news on Switch right now, and very few new restocks to report.

Announced on April 19, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is now releasing two months ahead of its scheduled July 29, 2022 date, much to the delight of Nintendo Switch fans. And now we’ve had the chance to try out a first part of the game ourselves.

For our first full impressions of Xenoblade Chronicles 3read our article below.


The limited edition Splatoon 3 Switch OLED just went on sale

Pre-orders for the limited edition Nintendo Switch OLED Model – Splatoon 3 console have just opened on the My Nintendo Store.

The console costs £319.99, just £10 more than the base Nintendo Switch OLED console.


Best first offers in real time

Speaking of Amazon Prime Day. The big event starts on July 12, but the first offers have already started to arrive. We filter through the spam to bring you the best deals on our Prime Day live blog.

Want a curated list of the best discounts already available? Head on over for all the top tunes you won’t want to miss and instructions on how you can enter.


We’ve never seen the Nintendo Switch OLED this cheap before

OK, it’s not the PS5 – we won’t see any deals on the standalone console until it’s in stock everywhere, but we just spotted this extraordinary Prime Day deal on the Nintendo Switch OLED.

Amazon has just slashed the price of Nintendo’s latest and greatest console to just £284. Interested in the case? Read our Nintendo Switch Prime Day deals below.


This is the mother of all bundles available from Scan

And finally, the mother of all bundles sits on To analyse for a spicy £739.99. What do you get for so much money? Especially a lot more storage by the looks of things.

You get a PS5 disc edition console that comes with a 1TB WD SSD, an additional white dualsense controller, a digital download copy of Forbidden Horizon West, a Sabrent heatsink and a pair of Gunnar blue light gaming glasses.


PS5 sells out at Smyths Toys

Aaaaaa and here we go. As expected, the standalone Disc Edition Console sold out at Smyths Toys in the blink of an eye. Kudos to anyone who managed to get one – we might not see another drop from the retailer for a while now, as it tends to only have one restock per month.


There are six different packs in stock at Currys

Want something with a little more punch? Currys currently has six different PS5 bundles in stock, but they all cost over £640.

The cheapest package comes with Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, Forbidden Horizon Westan additional midnight black dualsense controller and Pulse 3D wireless headphones (£649, Currys.co.uk).

The most expensive package includes Forbidden Horizon West, Lego Star Wars, Gran Turismo 7a midnight bblack dualsense controller and pulse 3d wireless headphones (£709, Currys.co.uk).


The PS5 is in stock at Smyths Toys

To hurry up! The standalone PS5 console just dropped at Smyths Toys. This is going to go fast, so get moving. It costs £449.99 and gets you the Disc Edition console with no extras, accessories or games.