HADLEY, MA (WGGB/WSHM) — Residents are being moved from the Windfield apartment complex in Hadley due to water bursting from a frozen sprinkler head.

A man told Western Mass News that the apartment complex was not fully transparent. This is his main problem.

“I spoke to the deputy manager yesterday and she couldn’t get me any answers. The only thing we got was this piece of paper I gave you,” said Don, a displaced resident.

Don, who didn’t want his last name, talks about the communication he received from the Windfield Apartment Complex.

He said in part:

“We are working hard to repair the damage from the sprinkler break that occurred early this morning.”

Around 1 a.m. on Friday, he and the elderly people who live in building 30 had to evacuate after water spread throughout the building. But their building was not the only one. The same problem happened to Building 34 on Tuesday.

“I have spoken to two people in 34 years, they are devastated. I saw a woman pull out toys and stuffed animals. they are in the family park,” Don explained.

Western Mass News has contacted the apartment complex several times. On Tuesday, we called at least three people and left two messages. We spoke to one person, but one person got back to us with an update. Thursday we called back. Someone on the phone said no comment and hung up. Don told us what he wants from the resort.

“What I would like to see is maybe every other day we get a progress report, something. Tell us where they are,” Don explained.

Don told us that some residents might band together and delay paying rent for the month of February. They check to see what land they have since they are not inside the complex.

“There was talk of withholding rent on February 1. I’m still not sure if this is legal. But from what I understand, you withhold the rent, put it in escrow until we’re allowed to move in, and then you pay,” Don said.

The apartment complex offers them hotel rooms. And also by reimbursing them for up to three meals a day. Again, the apartment complex gave us no feedback.

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