Allegheny County sheriff’s deputies had a hunch a wanted fugitive’s girlfriend was lying to them on Tuesday morning, prompting a search of the entire Pitcairn apartment complex that resulted in an arrest, the report said. authorities.

Accorie Wilder-Mack, 22, has been wanted since March 21 for the robbery and shooting of an Olive Garden employee in Monroeville earlier this month.

According to the charges against Wilder-Mack, he showed up at the Italian restaurant near the Monroeville shopping center shortly before 9.30pm and began asking to use “Matt’s discount”. Employees told police that Wilder-Mack continued to hang around the lobby even after he was told no one named Matt worked there, and was eventually asked to leave.

Wilder-Mack left, according to the criminal complaint, and walked to a side door and lured the employee who opened it onto a parked car. Wilder-Mack produced a gun, police said, and a fight for the weapon ensued.

The victim grabbed the gun and ran towards the restaurant.

Police say while he was running, an accomplice of Wilder-Mack shot him in the leg.

Wilder-Mack allegedly followed the victim into the restaurant lobby and retrieved the weapon, police said.

Sheriff’s deputies received a tip Tuesday that Wilder-Mack was staying with his girlfriend at his Pitcairn apartment. Deputies did not find him there, authorities said.

Sheriff Kevin Kraus said deputies were suspicious of the woman’s story and noticed some of Wilder-Mack’s belongings in the apartment. This sparked a complex-scale search, and deputies eventually found Wilder-Mack hiding in an adjacent apartment under construction.

Wilder-Mack, in connection with the March 12 shooting, is charged with aggravated assault, robbery, conspiracy, possession of a firearm without a license, robbery, common assault and trespassing with provocation.

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