SNOT’s twisted spit is all over his latest track “Go!” The single arrives with inspired visuals featuring vintage BMWs and an iconic horror toy.

In his patented black hoodie with a Chucky doll by his side, the young Florida rapper taps into his most aggressive pockets as he rhymes with the same menacing energy as the fictional character slipping into corners of the video. ; Director / editor Jack Rottier’s unstable shooting style seems fitting.

This is the last version of SNOT since the arrival of “Red” in July. Both tracks feature impressive variety, reminding listeners of its lineup. A press release says “Come on! “Is” the first glimpse “of Ethereal, his album scheduled for 2022 with “high level guests” and following the 2020s Beautiful havoc.

SNOT met Complex earlier this year and shared where he is most comfortable making music and how that has changed with stardom. “At the time, I was very comfortable recording in my room, at home,” he said. “I would take my little laptop and a little micro USB or something, and just record. But now it’s like I don’t have an engineer, I can’t really do shit, for real. But I like to record in the studio, to relax, with a whole bunch of friends with me.

Watch the video for “Go! From SNOT at the top and stream the song below.