SYLMAR, California, June 24, 2021 / PRNewswire / – It’s a TIC Tac, doing it for the “Gram,” pay the simplest generation, and Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company is taking action to enter the cryptocurrency galaxy with the rest of the world!

From June 18, 2021, Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company began accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment. What’s important about this, you ask? No other toy company in the industry does.

Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company not only wants to make quality toys and put them in children’s hands, but also to be the industry leader while doing it. For the Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company, that means being ahead of the crowd. The toy company believes that acclimating to the feeling that it is cryptocurrency will take it to the next level with its customers.

David SochaBeverly Hills Founder Teddy Bear Company said, “We are always trying to lead the way in our category and we wanted to make it easier for our customers. “

Based in the south California, the 26-year-old Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company prides itself on its mastery of creating healthy toys of incredible quality. You’ll find them on the shelves of most of your big box stores, including Wal-Mart, Target, and Costco. But you can also find parts at that you can’t find in stores. This is where the cryptocurrency will be used to the maximum.

As the popularity and demand for digital alternatives increase, “Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company wants its customers to be able to transfer assets online, without resorting to banks,” says Jamie emmick, director of special marketing. “At, you can create your own design, order it in bulk, and pay in crypto!” The wide variety of products that can be made or provided and then purchased with cryptocurrency is endless for Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company.

“Crypto cuts out the middleman. The main focus is efficiency and security. These are two things we strive to achieve” -Socha. So, as other companies struggle to keep pace, Socha chooses to push her business further: “Crypto and blockchain are the future!

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