HOLLAND, Ohio – The coronavirus has changed the way we live, but that doesn’t stop Springfield High School students from giving back to their community.

The school’s toy drive will go live this year as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

Over the past five years, students have collected tens of thousands of toys to give to patients at ProMedica Russel J. Ebeid Children’s Hospital.

“I have been able to go to the hospital twice in the past four years and have seen the impact it creates and really has on these children,” said Taylor Bombick, senior from Springfield.

COVID-19 is forcing them to shift gears and go virtual, but school leaders still want to show how important this cause is to the school and its students.

“Our goal every year is just to brighten up a child’s vacation. Whether it’s one or a thousand, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if we can donate five toys to ten thousand as long as we bring a smile to life. ‘a child,’ said McKenna Reitz, teacher.

“I know it’s different this year, but hopefully we can do as much good as last year and maybe even more,” Bombick said.

Ultimately, it’s not so much about the number of toys and donations, school staff said it’s about the leadership students have taken in adjusting to circumstances while helping the community.

“It shows that they are ready for the real world, that our children are doing it during this time shows that they are ready to be great citizens,” Springfield High School principal Robb Brown said.

While it was not possible to collect toys for the hospital in person this year, principals said it was actually easier for people to donate because everything is online. .

For more information or to make a donation click on here.