UPDATED 01/12, 11:55 a.m. ET: Scott’s lawyer, Ed McPherson, responded to Mickaël Mehala’s claims.

“This is clearly a frivolous and baseless case,” McPherson said in a statement to Complex and other media on Wednesday. “Anyone with internet access can tell you that Travis has never released an album named The flame. The artwork in question was created by fans and was uploaded to streaming services by those fans, which any user has the ability to do. Streaming services quickly removed it after realizing some people were trying to pass it off as a legit album cover. We look forward to responding to this case and getting a quick dismissal.

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Travis Scott, according to a new report, faces a lawsuit in France from a man who alleges unauthorized use of his works.

According to a report from TMZ on Wednesday, Mickaël Mehala (aka Black Childish) sued Scott over an original artwork depicting the artist as a centaur in the desert. The details surrounding this lawsuit are complicated, however, as they focus on the Travis The Flame compilation project.

The composition is from 2016 and features (among other tracks) songs by Scott’s Days before the rodeo mix tape. It has remained a source of confusion for fans new and old, with multiple Reddit posts (over several years) showing variations of people more or less trying to pin down the story behind the composition’s availability.

Travis The Flame, notably, has been widely referred to as an unofficial release and is not currently available on Apple Music or Spotify. A Tidal download of the compilation remains active, however.

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Per TMZ, Mehala says he made the centaur-focused artwork in 2015, which he reportedly shared with Scott via Instagram the following year. While Mehala states that he “never heard of” Scott, he later noticed the work being used in conjunction with the compilation.

Additionally, Mehala says he registered a copyright for the centaur art in 2019 and tried to contact Scott’s reps, eventually hearing (allegedly) from a lawyer who said the Astromonde The artist was unaware of the situation. The report adds that Mehala is now suing Scott for “hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

Complex has reached out to a representative for Travis Scott for comment.

News of the lawsuit in France comes following multiple lawsuits filed last year in connection with the tragedy at Scott’s Astroworld Festival in Houston. Ultimately, 10 festival attendees died in a crowd crush incident, while many others were injured.