A Long Island substitute teacher has been removed from a school district’s roster after a viral video emerged showing her shopping for sex toys during class.

In the clip, shared by the New York Post, students at Valley Stream South High School were able to see what the teacher was doing on her computer, as it was displayed on a projection screen. The students seem to be laughing and making comments, such as “what the fuck? and “Oh my God,” as she browsed an online store featuring several sex toys.

It’s unclear if the teacher was aware her screen was being broadcast to the whole class, but a lecture about the inventor of the traffic light was playing in the background at the time. The uncomfortable clip of the incident, complete with awkward laughter, can be seen above. According to a school spokesperson, the substitute teacher will no longer teach in the Valley Stream Central High School District.

“I am appalled by the action taken by this substitute teacher, but I can assure you that I and the district have taken this matter very seriously and action has been taken,” said Maureen Henry, Principal of Valley Stream South. “Please know that all of the students in this class had the opportunity to speak with their guidance counselor today to discuss their concerns.”

Earlier this month, a Long Island high school science teacher was arrested after she allegedly injected a 17-year-old student with a COVID-19 vaccine without her parents’ consent. This incident, like the sex toy scandal, was caught on camera.