A grandmother in Brampton, Ont. Was filled with confusion and shock when a seemingly cute and sympathetic dancing cactus toy she bought for her 15 month old granddaughter sang a Polish song about drug addiction and the Depression.

According to CTV News, Ania Tanner purchased the toy from Walmart’s online store for $ 25.85, where it is marketed as an educational toy for young children. The dancing cactus sings songs in three languages: English, Spanish and Polish.

“I just happen to be Polish and when I started listening to the songs and heard the lyrics,” Ania said. “I was shocked. I thought what the hell is that kind of joke? The cactus sings a song by Polish rapper Cypis, who didn’t know his song was being used for the toy, involving lyrics about cocaine abuse and severe depression.

“It’s about taking five grams of cocaine and being alone… It’s a very depressing song. This is not what I ordered for my granddaughter.

Image via YouTube

Cypis is seeking legal action against the Chinese manufacturer behind the singing cactus toy for allegedly using its song without permission.

Walmart responded to the complaints by promptly removing the toy from online stores. A Walmart spokesperson told CTV News, “These items are sold by a third party seller on our Marketplace website. We are removing the articles while we investigate this complaint further. “

Despite Walmart’s swift response, complaints about the toy date back almost five months, when the toy was sold in Europe via Amazon in July 2021.