If you’re still on a high after watching Nope last weekend, you are not alone. There’s still a chance to rewatch Jordan Peele’s film in theaters this weekend to catch all the things you might have missed the first time around. But if you’re looking for something completely new, we’ve got a few titles released this week that you might want to check out right from home.

The first season of paper girls hits Prime Video Friday, July 29, as Netflix attempts to recreate last year’s hit Housemaid with a new limited series titled keep breathing, with the incredible Melissa Barrera. Hulu shows courage this week with a satirical comedy Not good about a girl who poses as the survivor of a fatal attack for Instagram fame. Sick, right?

And of course, HBO Max is no slouch compared to other streamers. Whereas Rap shit! also gaining momentum on the platform, season 3 of the anime series harley quinn arrived Thursday July 28th. Season 5 of adult brings all the fun to Freeform, while AMC You better call Saul Season 6 continues to be one of the best TV shows.

Check out our suggestions for what to watch this weekend below, and check back to see all the exciting new releases that await us for the first week of August.