A TikToker goes viral after sharing footage of a “missing staircase” that allegedly left her trapped in her apartment for hours.

The post, from user Olivia Crump (@ foodbattle2008), is just the latest in a long series of viral videos centered around bizarre apartment features. In the past, TikTokers shared an apartment in New York City with a “smelly” hallway, a college living space with “secret caves” inside, and an apartment that would have had “movable” chairs in its backyard.

Fortunately, Crump’s fiasco was only temporary. As she explained in the comments section of her video, the management of her building “removed” the stairs for several hours, apparently for some sort of repair.

“When your apartment takes the stairs off without warning and you’re stuck for hours,” she captioned the post.

In the short video, Crump shows a complete flight missing from the outer stairwell of his building. In the comments, she claimed it was the only way out of her resort.

Many commentators were stunned by the situation. Some have accused Crump of lying that it was the only stairwell.

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“Most buildings in the United States need two exits,” wrote one user. “I’ll say it’s a joke.”

However, others seemed to stick with Crump’s story, sharing his outrage.

“It’s completely dangerous,” wrote one user.

“It doesn’t sound safe,” agreed another.

“Call the fire marshal,” suggested another.

Others pointed to a much more serious problem: accessibility. As many have noted, removing the stairs could be a serious problem for wheelchair users or those with limited mobility.

“I am in a wheelchair,” said one commentator. “And one time my university took the sidewalk off the only entrance to the building with an elevator and put a 5 foot trench in it.”

It’s unclear how long Crump’s Staircase stayed like this or if there was another way out of the complex. Either way, it makes for some pretty wild images.

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