<p>More consoles are expected at UK retailers this week </p>
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More consoles are expected at UK retailers this week

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Update: Xbox series X is in stock at EE, as good as Smyths Toys and Asda via Xbox All Access. Read on for more details.

the Xbox x series is over a year old now, but a global component shortage coupled with a global chip shortage and supply chain bottlenecks have left MicrosoftThe next-gen console has been regularly out of stock since its launch in fall 2020.

In December, many UK retailers handed out thousands of stocked consoles to cheering Christmas shoppers, including Very, Smyths Toys, Game, Argos, Asda and Amazon all selling the Xbox X series. But after the holidays, the console sold out again at most retailers.

When new consoles appear, it’s usually without warning and sells out within minutes, as customers with quick fingers grab hold of available units as soon as they arrive. That’s why we launched our Xbox Series X Inventory Tracking Live Blog, where we follow all UK retailers at once to bring you instant stock alerts. That way, you have a chance of getting yourself a console before it sells out again.

We’ll also bring you tips and advice on beating the crowds to pack an Xbox Series X, including sites to watch out for, where the Xbox might be restocked next, and how to register your interest in new consoles before they go on sale. .

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Which UK retailers stock the Xbox Series X?


Want an Xbox Series X controller? Make it this one

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2: £ 159.99, Argos.fr


The Elite controller has a range of additional features over its predecessor, meaning you can play like an absolute pro – and really who wouldn’t?

As the most advanced controller, it was designed to improve your aim and shoot faster. It can also be adapted to your preferred playstyle with the new interchangeable joystick and paddle shapes. With exclusive button mapping options in the Xbox Accessories app, you can play like you’ve never done before.

Eva waite-taylorJanuary 7, 2022 11:47 AM


When was the last time the Microsoft Store had Xbox stock?

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You’d think the official Xbox store would be swimming in consoles, but the retailer has to fight in the mud for the console like everyone else.

The online-only store had the Xbox Series X in stock on December 21, and before that on December 17 when orders reopened for the limited edition. Infinite halo Xbox Pack.

Eva waite-taylorJanuary 7, 2022 11:27 AM


You can play Xbox Series X games anywhere

Don’t have an Xbox Series X yet? Well, you can still play Xbox Series X games. Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can now play select Xbox titles on their PC, phone or laptop using Microsoft’s cloud streaming service.

Game visuals are delivered to you over the internet almost instantly, so you don’t need a gaming PC, just a fairly fast connection. Xbox Cloud Gaming streams games from Microsoft’s servers to many compatible devices, including previous generation Xbox consoles. Cloud gaming requires an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription (£ 32.99, Argos.fr), which unlocks on-demand access to over 100 games.

Eva waite-taylorJanuary 7, 2022 11:07 AM


“Goldeneye 007” released digitally on Xbox


Want another reason to find an Xbox Series X in stock? Classic n64 it golden 007 is coming to Xbox soon if a leaked set of accomplishments are to be believed.

True Achievements, which maintains a database of in-game unlockable achievements, spotted a bunch of new entries relating to the 1997 first-person shooter. Other details are slim on the pitch, and it’s not yet obvious if the game will be a complete remake or a faithful interpretation of the original game. By far the best James Bond game ever, nightly multiplayer sessions of it golden 007 were a mainstay of sleepovers for anyone who grew up in the Nighties.

British studio Rare, which developed the game for Nintendo, has since been acquired by Microsoft. Complicated licensing issues between various stakeholders have held back most attempts to port the game to new consoles.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the game’s launch, so we stay tuned for more information as we go.

Eva waite-taylorJanuary 7, 2022 10:47 AM


Xbox Series X is also in stock at Smyths Toys

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Asda isn’t the only retailer to offer the Xbox Series X this morning, the console is also available on Smyths Toys through the Xbox All Access program.

The paid monthly plan spreads the cost of the console over two years, much like a phone contract. It costs £ 28.99 per month and you pay nothing up front and get a Game Pass Ultimate membership included. It’s Microsoft’s Netflix-style on-demand gaming service, and typically costs £ 10.99 per month.

At the end of the term, you keep your Xbox and pay a little less than if you had purchased the console and Game Pass Ultimate separately.

Eva waite-taylorJanuary 7, 2022 10:27 AM


Best TV for Xbox Series X


Looking for a high end TV for your Xbox? Well, this one took the # 1 spot in our guide to the best gaming TVs. “Crystal clear and with great gameplay detail, the LG OLED65C114LB lets you play the full gamut of games knowing you’re going to display them exactly as the developers intended, ”our writer praised. “It is equipped with all the vital next-gen gaming features, as well as plenty of features to ensure that games always look great and play without frustration, blurring or tearing of the on-screen image,” he said. they added. Obvious then.

Not sure about this one? Read the rest of our roundup now:

Eva waite-taylorJanuary 7, 2022 10:10 AM


Where is the Xbox Series S in stock?


We don’t report stock alerts for the Xbox Series S, for the simple reason that it’s almost always in stock. You can find the console now at Very, Game, Amazon and more, with Rocket league and Fortnite thrown free at £ 249.99.

Why is this cheaper version of the console so readily available, you ask? Well, while it runs all of the same next-gen games as the Xbox X series, it has less powerful components, so the graphics in the game aren’t as crisp as they look on the more advanced console. It also doesn’t have a disc drive, so you can only play downloaded games. The hard drive is also smaller, so you might need to add more storage to fit your games.

We still believe it’s a brilliant gaming machine and a viable alternative to the high-end Xbox X series.

Eva waite-taylorJanuary 7, 2022 10:07 AM


EE bundles Xbox Series X with phone contract

(The independent)

New customers and certain existing qualifying customers can add an Xbox Series X to their phone contract at EE at present.

The add-on costs £ 31 per month for 24 months with an upfront charge of £ 10. It also comes with 24 months of Game Pass Ultimate worth £ 264.

Xbox All Access, a similar offer sold by Blacksmiths, Game and Asda, costs £ 28.99 with no up-front charges.

Eva waite-taylorJanuary 7, 2022 9:47 AM


The Xbox series X headset to buy today

The Xbox Series X doesn’t come with its own headset – Microsoft assumes you already have a pair – but the console is compatible with all headsets out there for the Xbox One.

The Xbox Series X also has a headphone jack built into the controller, so you can plug in your regular headphones to play game audio rather than your TV, which is great if you’re sharing a room with someone you don’t. not like. want to disturb.

If you need to upgrade or don’t have your own headset yet, Microsoft is selling the official Xbox Series X Wireless Headset separately (£ 89.99, Game.co.uk). Many third-party manufacturers also make Xbox compatible headsets. We’ve rounded up the best gaming headsets you can buy today:

Eva waite-taylorJanuary 7, 2022 9:27 AM


Where to get the Xbox console today?

Xbox Series X is also available on Asda via the Xbox All Access program this morning.

The monthly payment plan allows you to spread the cost of the console over two years. You don’t pay anything up front, then £ 28.99 per month, and you get two years of Ultimate Game Pass (worth £ 10.99 per month) included. Game Pass is a Netflix-style on-demand gaming service that gives you access to a library of over 100 games.

Put down the calculator. That’s £ 712.76 worth of stuff for £ 695.75 over the two years. This is a 0% finance offer, so you pay no interest. You need to go through a credit check with Klarna and make sure you are able to continue making payments, but you can also pay off the entire balance sooner at no additional cost.

It’s good value for money, we can recommend you grab a console this way.

Eva waite-taylorJanuary 7, 2022 9:07 AM

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